Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Rings & Things

I visited Weeds on Cedros in Solana Beach late last week. During the conversation we decided to renew our relationship and I was asked to make four of my Rings & Things necklaces for them -- two white and two black. Due to limited supplies, I still owe them one black one that they'll get in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, however, here are photos of a white and a black necklace that they now have in stock. They are made from recycled glass from Africa. Inside is a silver chain and my handmade adjustable sterling silver chain is at the back. Price is $150 each.

Rings & Things Black

Rings & Things White

Also, I had some beautiful amber rings, just a bit smaller than the large rings shown above. I made another necklace but, because the material costs are higher, I have to sell this one for $165. It includes handmade glass beads and metal cloisonne beads at the back. I kept this one to sell personally. Here it is.

Ring & Things Amber

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Last night we returned from Europe. Our first stop was Venice. Here's my stash for new and exciting necklaces to come. All are hollow but one. A few in the bottom plate are hard to see as they are clear or nearly clear but they'll look great on necklaces.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Here are four pieces that are part of the Peruvian Collection, based upon my recent trip to Peru. All of them are very light and well priced. Retail is shown below but, remember, you'll get 20% off retail price.

Here they are:

Peruvian Collection, Black: Retail $199

Peruvian Collection, Inca Cross: $215

Peruvian Collection, Lime/Orange: $259

Peruvian Collection, White/Rose: $205

Don't forget, the first six necklaces sold in this grouping will receive a Peruvian bag as a keepsake. As there are only four in this first part of the collection, every purchase will get a bag.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Here are some of my new collages. Eacg piece is different, dimensional and features metallic looks. They are 10" x 10" on 1-1/2" thick cradled board and are ready to hang. Each 10" x 10" piece will sell for $125.

Here are two examples.

Cheery Blossom Festival

Sharon will be showing this one on television a day or two before the show.
Metal Rocks

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Here are some new necklaces and a few others to -- to remind you. Only retail price is shown. Remember that, as a visitor to my website, you'll get 20% off the retail price. Tax will be added if you live in California and shipping too if I send it to you. I hope that you like what you see.

I continue to have my jewelry shown at, Adornments, and the Brandon Gallery here in San Diego County; Earth Spirits in Palm Desert; Objects in Scottsdale; and Red Canyon Collections in Sedona. I hope that you'll check out my work if you're visiting outside the County.

Black & Bronze - This is an elegant necklace of tones of black and bronze. Some of the bronze (the floppy disks and the twisted pieces near the back) are real old world hand-cast bronze. The bronze near the center is a collection of glass disks in varying shades and textures of bronze. The rest are beautiful handmade hollow and solid glass beads in a combination of matte and shiny. As usual, sterling silver spacers, chain, and clasp make up the rest. Retail price is $509.

Black & Bronze
Central Focal Point Detail
Bronze & Glass Beads Detail

Moonlight Treasure Necklace
 Moonlight Treasure Necklace - This asymmetrical necklace is in tones of ivory, blue, and tan with iridescent features too. The piece is extremely lightweight, regardless of its bulk. Everything is hollow including the handmade glass, Moroccan filigree bead, and Turkoman beads from Afghanistan. Sterling spacers, chain, and clasp are featured as usual with pewter "do-dads" adding interest. Retail is $359.

Moonlight Focal Beads

Maharaja Treasure Necklace - A beautiful hollow blue, white, purple, and yellow bead is the focal point of this necklace, placed asymmetrically. The remainder of the necklace is of carved and disk bone plus two wonderful bone elephants, hollow glass, sterling silver, and shell. Sterling spacers, chain, and clasp finish it as usual. Retail is $319.

Maharaja Treasure Necklace

Focal Bead Detail