Thursday, January 10, 2019


Adornments in the Flower Hill Mall in Del Mar will be closing and the owner, Diane Ooms, retiring. This beautiful boutique has been in Flower Hill for 32 years but the time has come to move on. Diane is offering a 35% discount on all clothing. Scarves and jewelry (mine and others) will be available at a 20% discount. Here are photos of the pieces I have there. I am showing the retail price an Diane or one of her associates will give you 20% at time of sale.

Fishing in China - Retail $385

Silver Dragon - Retail $449

Lion Savannah - Retail $475
Garden Path - Retail $489

Keeping My Eye on You - Retail $329

Lacquer - Retail $359

Besides the above there are a several of my leather and mesh necklaces, retail priced from $95-$110. There is another necklaces, Gold Futures, that I cannot find a photo of. It retails for $499. See it at the shop. Additionally, there are several of my coasters that are made from my original paintings. Retail is $35/set of four. I do not know the discount for these.

Please come and help Diane retire as soon as possible by purchasing the beautiful clothing and accessories she has there. Find Adornments on the top level of the Flower Hill Mall on Via de la Valle just east of I-5. Go up the stairs next to Flower Child restaurant or take the elevator near Between the Sheets. She's open seven days a week. Personally, I will miss Diane and her shop. I've been a customer for years, way before she started carrying my jewelry.

Sunday, December 16, 2018


Some holidays are gone; some are still to come. I wish all of you happy times and a wonderful new year in 2019.

I made this necklace just a few days ago. It's called Lascaux but don't look for any pictographs; just some marks that remind me of cave markings from long ago. It's made from ceramic beads of all types of wacky shapes and the stones at the neck are of agate. Sterling spacers, chain & clasp as usual. Retail is $299 and you'll get 20% off by buying directly from me.

Lascaux - $299

Thursday, November 22, 2018


Here are five necklaces from my China/Jade collection. Don't forget to take 20% off the prices shown.

China Blue Treasure Necklace - $455

Fishing in China Treasure Necklace - 385

Now at Objects in Scottsdale
Mushroom Treasure Necklace - $475

Garden Path Treasure Necklace - $489

Silver Dragon Treasure Necklace - $449

I will also have some of my very moderately priced mesh and leather necklaces. If you'd like to see photos, send an email at

Thursday, October 11, 2018


New necklaces.

China Sunset - $350

Golden Spike - $339

Rabbit in the Rose Garden - $539

Tuxedo - $385

Saturday, August 25, 2018


Hurray! I am back into my website after being hacked. It took awhile to get back to Google-based things but I just kept working it.

Here's Lori wearing her new Raku Madness necklace. I think that she looks great in it.

Lori wearing her new Raku Madness Treasure Necklace

Here are three new necklaces.

Flame: Retail $315/Your Price $249

Sunset: Retail $315/Your Price $249

Yemeni Gold: Retail $499/Your Price $399

Also, here are two sweaters. Each is my original design, hand-knitted by me personally of hand-dyed wool yarns. They are one of a kind and have not been worn (except for my modeling). Each retails for $1,800 and your price is $1,440.

Blue Poppies Back
Blue Poppies Front

Patches Back

Patches Front

I am leaving for Europe on 8/27; returning 9/23. I hope to find new inspiration during my travels. If you have any questions about any of the above, text me at 760-450-4050 (email doesn't work very well for me outside the U.S.).

Saturday, July 14, 2018


Amber Only - Retail $339

Now at Earth Spirits in Palm Desert
Blue Amber  - Retail $398

Copper Glow - Retail $325

Take 20% off the price shown for your price.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Here are the items that are still on sale. I love these pieces the way they are so I won't be re-imagining them into something else. They will remain on sale until sold.

Should you want additional information about what the components are in a particular piece, just send an email to and I'll be glad to let you know.

Carnelian Treasure Necklace
Retail $579/Your Price $225

Golden Buddha Treasure Necklace
Retail $495/Your Price $350

Amber Wind Treasure Necklace
Retail $499/Your Price $275

Year of the Rabbit Treasure Necklace
Retail $519/Your Price $205

Retail $475; Your Price $205
Sun Peaks Through
Retail $449/Your Price $195

Talakhimt Tanfouk Treasure Necklace
Retail $485; Your Price $195

Lines of Thought
Retail $499/Your Price $205

Inca Cross Peruvian Collection
Retail $189; Your Price $99

Citrine & Silver
Retail $235/Your Price $95

Raku Jubilee Sherds Cascade
Retail $365; Your Price $150

Retail $599; Your Price $255

On Earth Treasure Necklace
Retail $395; Your Price $175

Dragon Treasure Necklace
Retail $519; Your Price $225

Moonglow Vintage Laboradorite
Retail $$549/Your Price $205

Second Mesa Treasure Necklace
Retail $499/Your Price $295

Purple Rain
Retail $349/Your Price $150

Mars Viking Knit Necklace
Retail $175; Your Price $50

Springtime Carnivale Knitted Necklace
Retail $275; Your Price $165

Golden Copper Viking Knit
Retail $150; Your Price $50

Golden Dots
Retail $175; Your Price $82
Springtime Yellow Lavender
Retail $150; Your Price $65
Venus & Mars
Retail $235; Your Price $120

Retail $150; Your Price $55