Sunday, December 3, 2017


Come to see me and Doshi (shibori artist fantastic) this coming Thursday, December 7, 2:00 - 5:00 PM at Adornments in the Flower Hill Promenade -- 2720 Via de la Valle, Del Mar. I will be showing my jewelry and Doshi will have a selection of her wonderful hand-dyed shibori garments, a couple of examples shown below.

Doshi Example

Doshi Example

Monday, October 16, 2017


Here are some new necklaces. Retail pricing is shown but, remember, all necklaces will be priced 20% or more below retail if you purchase directly from me.

White & Black Dots & Stripes Tubo Necklace - $339

AT THE BRANDON ART GALLERY IN FALLBROOK - Earth Mother Gourd Necklace - $299

AT OBJECTS IN SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Architectural Tubo Necklace - $475

Carnivale Ivory Tubo Necklace - $299

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Here are some new pieces for Coronado. The prices shown have been discounted for Coronado and are as shown. Retail pricing is significantly higher. Just thought I'd give you exceptional pricing to lure you to the show. I hope that you like them. All are wired and ready to hang. Some of the colors show lighter than they actually are. Come and see them in person to see how vibrant they are.

Barcelona, 16" x 20", $200

First Flight, 10" x 10", $85

Organized Chaos, 11" x 14", $125

Overtime, 11" x 14", $125

Poppies, 10" x 10", $85

Sea Storm, 18" x 18", $225

Visit to Shanghai, 10" x 10", $85
Rainbow's End, 10" x 22", $150

Thursday, September 28, 2017


I'm getting excited about the Coronado Art Walk October 21-22 at the Coronado Ferry Landing (next to Peohe's and Il Fornaio. I've been really prompted to make new work and here's some of it. Retail prices are shown but I will be marking everything at 20% (or more) below retail. None of these pieces have yet been seen by the boutiques and galleries but I will be showing them after the Art Walk.

Here they are:

Bronze Shell - $435

Starbright Treasure Necklace - $595

Sun Peaks Through Tubo - $449

Ecuadorian Mountains Treasure Necklace - $359

Bronze Treasure Tubo - $299

Carnivale Tubo, Amber - $299

Carnivale Tubo, Yellow - $299

Venetian Millifiore Amber Tubo - $359

Turquoise Sea - $425

If you'd like details on any of the above pieces such as description of components, detail photos, or specific price, ask me via email at

See you in Coronado.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


I'm happy to say that my friend Karen Rood and I will again be participating in the Coronado Art Walk this year. Hopefully, with a move to October 21-22, the heat will die down and we won't be sweltering in our tents and customers will be more comfortable too. Karen and I are looking forward to seeing you this year. There will be over 70 artists so it's bound to be fun. Here's the information flier. Sorry that it didn't scan very well. Hope that you can read it.

If you'd like to receive one of these via snail mail, send an email to me at and provide me with your address. Hard copies of these cards should be coming to me soon.

Besides my jewelry, I am also bringing my collages. These 10" x 10" pieces are great in a small area alone or grouped. Following is a grouping from my "metals" series. Retail is $125 each but, at the Art Walk, I'll be selling pieces this size for $85.

Here are a few that are not in the metals series that are also 10" x 10" and will sell for $85 too.

I will have other pieces too, some larger - priced accordingly. I will post photos of new jewelry pieces soon. I've collected some new components and I am looking forward to creating fun pieces with them. Keep looking.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Rings & Things

I visited Weeds on Cedros in Solana Beach late last week. During the conversation we decided to renew our relationship and I was asked to make four of my Rings & Things necklaces for them -- two white and two black. Due to limited supplies, I still owe them one black one that they'll get in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, however, here are photos of a white and a black necklace that they now have in stock. They are made from recycled glass from Africa. Inside is a silver chain and my handmade adjustable sterling silver chain is at the back. Price is $150 each.

Rings & Things Black

Rings & Things White

Also, I had some beautiful amber rings, just a bit smaller than the large rings shown above. I made another necklace but, because the material costs are higher, I have to sell this one for $165. It includes handmade glass beads and metal cloisonne beads at the back. I kept this one to sell personally. Here it is.

SOLD Ring & Things Amber

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Last night we returned from Europe. Our first stop was Venice. Here's my stash for new and exciting necklaces to come. All are hollow but one. A few in the bottom plate are hard to see as they are clear or nearly clear but they'll look great on necklaces.