Wednesday, March 21, 2018


In preparation for my trunk show in Scottsdale on April 14, I've made a few new pieces. More are coming but I'm making chain for them right now so you'll see them later.

Here are the new pieces. Retail price is shown. Remember, take 20% off if you purchase directly from me.

Amber Drop - $339
Glass, Baltic Amber, Thai Silver Temple Beads

Amber Only - $339
Glass, Baltic Amber, Thai Temple Beads, Navajo Beads

Flaming Flowers - $469
Glass, Thai Silver Beads, Bali Silver Beads, Carved Bone, Bodhi Root Lotus Beads

Frozen Planet - $425
Glass, Navajo Silver Beads, Thai Silver Beads, Resin (irregular pieces at back)

Yellow Jade - $539
Carved Yellow Jade, Thai & Bali Silver Beads, Hollow Glass

By the way, I just purchased a strand of Chiapas amber from southern Mexico. A lot of negotiating brought this in at a reasonable price. I will be adding pieces into future necklaces. What's the difference between Baltic and Chiapas amber you ask? Baltic amber was made from fir trees and is about 44 million years old. Chiapas amber is from the extinct Hymenaea mexicana or Hymenaea allendis trees and is between 22.5 - 26 million years old. Both are very old and the Mexican amber is more rare. There just isn't as much of it. By contrast, the African amber that I've made complete necklaces from is much younger, not as hard, and much less expensive. I love amber and will continue to put it in my necklaces - sparingly with Baltic and Chiapas amber and with exuberance with African amber.

Saturday, March 17, 2018


I've been travelling quite a bit and am finally home for a month. In January/February, Don and I traveled to Mexico where we visited eight different archeological sites in Oaxaca, Puebla, Mexico City, and the Yucatan. We had great food and fun. It was quite strenuous though. Then, within two days of returning, I went to Portland for Art & Soul art retreat. I learned a lot in my various painting classes. The, we went to Mexico again in March -- just for relaxation to San Jose Los Cabos.

Now that I'm home, here are some new paintings.

Diagonal - 12" x 16"
Acrylic & collage on canvas

The Garden - 12" x 16"
Mixed media on canvas

What Lies Beneath - 11" x 14"
Collage with hand-painted papers

More paintings are in process but not finished yet. They're not done until I say they are!!!

On April 14 I will be doing a trunk show at Objects in Scottsdale, AZ. I'll be there from 10:30 until about 5:00. If you're in the area, come and visit me -- and the shop -- at 6560 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 125, Scottsdale, AZ.

In the next week or so, I'll post some photos of new pieces so that you can see them first.

Sunday, January 21, 2018


I just returned from the Pasadena Bead & Design Show and purchased some components that helped me put together some of my ideas that weren't quite complete. Remember, the prices shown are retail. You'll get 20% off if you purchase off this site. Here they are. If you'd like material details of any particular necklace, email me at

Bronze Beauty - $299

White Fire - $525 - A little bit hard to see but check out the white flames at the bottom center

Sputnik, Out of This World - $349

Mars Red Planet - $479

Monday, October 16, 2017


Here are some new necklaces. Retail pricing is shown but, remember, all necklaces will be priced 20% or more below retail if you purchase directly from me.

AT EARTH SPIRITS, PALM DESERT White & Black Dots & Stripes Tubo Necklace - $339

AT THE BRANDON ART GALLERY IN FALLBROOK - Earth Mother Gourd Necklace - $299

AT OBJECTS IN SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Architectural Tubo Necklace - $475

AT BRANDON GALLERY, FALLBROOK Carnivale Ivory Tubo Necklace - $299

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Here are some new pieces for Coronado. The prices shown have been discounted for Coronado and are as shown. Retail pricing is significantly higher. Just thought I'd give you exceptional pricing to lure you to the show. I hope that you like them. All are wired and ready to hang. Some of the colors show lighter than they actually are. Come and see them in person to see how vibrant they are.

Barcelona, 16" x 20", $200

SOLD First Flight, 10" x 10", $85

Organized Chaos, 11" x 14", $125

Overtime, 11" x 14", $125

SOLD Poppies, 10" x 10", $85

Sea Storm, 18" x 18", $225

Visit to Shanghai, 10" x 10", $85
SOLD Rainbow's End, 10" x 22", $150

Thursday, September 28, 2017


I'm getting excited about the Coronado Art Walk October 21-22 at the Coronado Ferry Landing (next to Peohe's and Il Fornaio. I've been really prompted to make new work and here's some of it. Retail prices are shown but I will be marking everything at 20% (or more) below retail. None of these pieces have yet been seen by the boutiques and galleries but I will be showing them after the Art Walk.

Here they are:

Bronze Shell - $435

SOLD Starbright Treasure Necklace - $595

Sun Peaks Through Tubo - $449

AT EARTH SPIRITS, PALM DESERT Ecuadorian Mountains Treasure Necklace - $359

AT BRANDON GALLERY, FALLBROOK Bronze Treasure Tubo - $299

AT EARTH SPIRITS, PALM DESERT Carnivale Tubo, Amber - $299

Carnivale Tubo, Yellow - $299

SOLD Venetian Millifiore Amber Tubo - $359

SOLD Turquoise Sea - $425

If you'd like details on any of the above pieces such as description of components, detail photos, or specific price, ask me via email at

See you in Coronado.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


I'm happy to say that my friend Karen Rood and I will again be participating in the Coronado Art Walk this year. Hopefully, with a move to October 21-22, the heat will die down and we won't be sweltering in our tents and customers will be more comfortable too. Karen and I are looking forward to seeing you this year. There will be over 70 artists so it's bound to be fun. Here's the information flier. Sorry that it didn't scan very well. Hope that you can read it.

If you'd like to receive one of these via snail mail, send an email to me at and provide me with your address. Hard copies of these cards should be coming to me soon.

Besides my jewelry, I am also bringing my collages. These 10" x 10" pieces are great in a small area alone or grouped. Following is a grouping from my "metals" series. Retail is $125 each but, at the Art Walk, I'll be selling pieces this size for $85.

Here are a few that are not in the metals series that are also 10" x 10" and will sell for $85 too.

I will have other pieces too, some larger - priced accordingly. I will post photos of new jewelry pieces soon. I've collected some new components and I am looking forward to creating fun pieces with them. Keep looking.