Sunday, October 21, 2018


This coming weekend, October 26-28, 2018, I will be at the Pasadena Convention Center showing my jewelry. This is my first time doing this show and I'm looking forward to it. Below is the flyer and some new jewelry.

If you come to the show and advise me that you are a follower of my blog, let me know and I'll give you a 20% discount off the prices shown.

China Blue Treasure Necklace - $455

Fishing in China Treasure Necklace - $385

Garden Path Treasure Necklace - $489

Miro Treasure Necklace - $350

Mushroom Treasure Necklace - $475

Forest Treasure Necklace - $459
As usual, should you want detail information on any of the pieces shown above, email me at or call at 760-450-4050. I will give you a 20% discount on any of the pieces shown. By the way, sales tax in Pasadena is 9.5% so, if you want to purchase something from the above, California residents will get a 7.75% sales tax as long as you purchase from me while I'm in San Diego County. Or, if you're out of state, no sales tax, just shipping charges.

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Normally I don't inundate you with so many email but I am excited about the upcoming show at the Escondido Municipal Gallery beginning Saturday evening. Some of these new pieces below will be at my show. Those that aren't are still available directly through me.

China Sunset - $350*

Equator - $425

Golden Spike - $339

Rabbit in the Rose Garden - $539

Tuxedo - $385*

*At the show

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Don't forget to come to the gallery on Saturday evening if you can. Here are a few more paintings that I'll be showing at my upcoming show at the Escondido Municipal Gallery October 13 - November 1. My new jewelry is so new that I haven't quite finished it and haven't yet photographed it but it will be there.

Alien Fragments, 18" x 24", mixed media on canvas, $540

Caught in the Cosmos Between Earth & Sky, 18" x 18", collage on cradled board, $405

Neighbors, 10" x 10", collage on cradled board, $125

Flowers in Her Hair, 12" x 12", collage on cradled board, $180
(published in Summation annual paintings and poetry book)

The Garden, 12" x 16" canvas (framed), mixed media

The Rust Belt, 12" x 16", canvas (framed), mixed media, $255

Giverny, 16" x 16, canvas (framed), acrylic, $340

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Opening on October 13, Virginia Cole, Annette Friedlein, and I will present our art through November 1.Virginia is a painter and Annette a fiber artist. I will show my paintings, jewelry and OOAK hand-knitted sweaters. Here's our postcard.

Virginia, Annette, and I would love it if you could come. We'll have some treats, including wine. There will be other shows running concurrently and it will be opening night for them too.

Here are a few paintings that I plan to show. Retail price is shown. If you have interest in any of these, let me know. Email me at or call me at 7860-450-4050 if you'd like to discuss any of them.

I will publish some of the jewelry that I'll include in a later post.

Kilauea, 18" x 18" Canvas, Acrylic & Graphite, $500

Emergence, 10" x 10" on Cradled Board, Acrylic & Collage, $125

A Passage Through Time, 20" x 26" on Yupo paper before framing (larger with mat and frame), Acrylic, $825

Breaking Dawn, 22" x 30"on Arches Paper before framing (larger with mat & frame), Watercolor, Acrylic, & Collage, $1,000

Diagonal, 16" x 20" Canvas (framed), Acrylic & Collage, $255

Hidden Truths, 12" x 12" Cradled Board, Collage, $180

Madonna & Child, 18" x 24" on Cradled Board, Acrylic, Oil Pastel, & Graphite, $540
(Published in Summation Annual Poetry & Paintings Book)

White Nights, 18" x 18" on Cradled Board, Collage, $400
(Third Place at the San Diego County Fair 2017)

There will be more too.

Saturday, August 25, 2018


Hurray! I am back into my website after being hacked. It took awhile to get back to Google-based things but I just kept working it.

Here's Lori wearing her new Raku Madness necklace. I think that she looks great in it.

Lori wearing her new Raku Madness Treasure Necklace

Here are three new necklaces.

Flame: Retail $315/Your Price $249

Sunset: Retail $315/Your Price $249

Yemeni Gold: Retail $499/Your Price $399

Also, here are two sweaters. Each is my original design, hand-knitted by me personally of hand-dyed wool yarns. They are one of a kind and have not been worn (except for my modeling). Each retails for $1,800 and your price is $1,440.

Blue Poppies Back
Blue Poppies Front

Patches Back

Patches Front

I am leaving for Europe on 8/27; returning 9/23. I hope to find new inspiration during my travels. If you have any questions about any of the above, text me at 760-450-4050 (email doesn't work very well for me outside the U.S.).

Saturday, July 14, 2018


Amber Only - Retail $339

Blue Amber  - Retail $398

Copper Glow - Retail $325

Take 20% off the price shown for your price.

Monday, June 4, 2018


I couldn't stand it. I'm so excited about making new things out of old that I started dismantling the sale. Not all of it but some of it is now in pieces and ready to become new. If you'd like to check on what's still in one piece and still on sale, go to my website at  and scroll down to the sale items. Those that have been taken apart have been removed so they're not there to get in the way. I hope that you'll find something you like that's on sale.

The two necklaces below are available. Remember to take 20% off the price shown for your price.

Frozen Planet - Retail $425

Raku Madness